Ted talks are amazing, well at least most of them are.  If you are unaware of what they are, take a look at their website at ted.com. In a nutshell, they are talks given  by famous and yet to be famous people which are published regularly with the theme of 'ideas worth spreading'.

As the content is mostly audio and on average 18 mins long, it is ideal to listen on smart speakers while doing household chores or just going through your daily routine.

Ted talks claim to have both an Alexa app and a google home app so you can listen to the latest and best content on your Amazon Alexa or your Google home speaker.

You can find the details on the trigger commands at the Ted page here

Basically it goes like, on Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo dot as

Alexa, ask TED Talks to play the latest TED Talk

or on Google Home or Google Home mini as

OK Google, play the latest episode of TED Talks

However, after giving it a try myself, I found that that Google home was unable to recognize or connect to 'TED talks'. On the other hand, it worked great on Echo dot (+1 to Alexa)

In case you manage to listen TED talks on google home, let me know in the comments.

User reviews of the Alexa app can also be found on the Amazon Alexa skills page here

Let us know in comments what you think of this skill ? Also let us know which is your favorite ted talk!

Happy listening :)