Book Reader - Audiobook player for Google Assistant

Book reader is a voice app for Google Assistant which provides access to over ten thousand books in audio format for free
The audio books are available in the public domain thanks to the Librivox project.
With Book Reader, these books can now be easily accessible over Google assistant on your mobile phone or Google Home or Google Nest and event smart speakers from Sonos, Bose and many others.

Book reader has a new website

Book reader has its own website. Browse, Search and discover the entire collection of audiobooks available via Book Reader. Visit the new website at

Getting Started

To get started, ask your google assistant

Hey Google, talk to Book reader

You can also simply click the following link and use it directly on your phone

πŸ…– Ask Book Reader to Listen to Audio Books for free

Common commands

While the voice assistant app is fairly intuitive, these following commands will help you get most out of the app.

To to listen to an audio book, say the title of the book
Play Jungle Book

By default, the first chapter/section of the book is played. You can always skip to the next chapter/section by saying Play next chapter

To get a recommendation or ask for help, simply ask What can you do

Currently, there is no user signup or login, so you can start using the app right away. In future, I plan to add an (optional) sign in mechanism which will allow you to save your favorite books and to continue listening from where you left off.

If you have more suggestions, please leave a comment below.

While the voice app provides a few suggestions when you ask for Give me suggestions, I have also compiled a complete recommendation list to help you get started with Book Reader. You can find the recommended list here.

List of available Books

There are over 15 thousand books available via this app. The complete list can be found here

See it in Action

User Testimonials

Thankyou you are amazing! Now to find some romance books for mum as the library is shut.
Very cool, will try this with my kids.
You are my hero! I have Alexa read my Kindle e-books to me, but am running out of free stuff. I've wished I could do something with my Google home so I'd have another source.

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